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This intimate chef owned venue, located in the downstairs of a victorian building, is a tucked away mecca for aficionados of fine dining. A few antique booths and hand crafted wooden tables are nestled within brick walls, low ceilings and basket lighting, creating a romantic atmosphere.


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Donna's extensive Italian menu, both family treasures and recipes garnered through travel and schools, draws a local clientele attracted to the appropriate prices and abundant portions. But it is her remarkably creative continental menu and her partner Kathy's delectable desserts that keep their clients coming back. In a fashion that Donna refers to as "Mediterranean- American fusion", she dishes out delights that change on a weekly basis.

The small bar at the entry is always available for a full dinner or simply to enjoy one of the many superior elixirs from aperitif to digestif. The wine list has been honored with the Wine Spectator's "Award of Excellence"